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Helping and empowering people to sustainably shape and
determine their lives in dignity and independence...


We Invest In People—Here's How We Do It.

Social and Medical Improvement

Nehemiah Gateway provides social and medical assistance to individuals and families, and humanitarian support in emergencies.

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Core Value Implementation

All our project work is infused with respect and compassion for our shared humanity-- no exceptions.

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Beyond formal education at our schools and university, we train and mentor future leaders and entrepreneurs, so that they can better help others. 

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Nehemiah Gateway invests in education projects from preschool through masters-level education at facilities in Albania and worldwide.

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Nehemiah Gateway
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Here are some of our active projects!

Face of SMI.jpgIn Albania, Food and Medicine for the Poor

Nehemiah Gateway has been providing food parcels, as well as medical and social help, to people in need in the Pogradec region of southeastern Albania since 1991. We help the poor, the marginalized, and the disabled move closer to a dignified and self-sufficient existence by first making it possible for them to meet their most basic needs.

Poverty   |   Albania

pict_original.jpgHelp Albanian Roma Youth Succeed in School

Did you know that only 3% of Albanian Roma graduate from high school, and less than 1% finish college? Roma (the group historically known as Gypsies) face many obstacles to educational success, most of them rooted in poverty. Many promising young people drop out of school rather than juggle the demands of more challenging classes and increasing pressure to enter the unskilled labor market. Without high school and college graduates, the Roma community will never have teachers, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, or even elected officials of its own to serve as creators of prosperity, advocates, and role models for young people.

Education   |   Albania

pict_original-1.jpgScholarships for A New Generation of Leaders

Nehemiah Gateway University, in Pogradec, Albania, recruits exceptional students from developing countries and marginalized groups worldwide to participate in a three-year Bachelor of Economy and Business degree program. After three years on full scholarship, students receive support to return home and begin developing solutions to the challenges facing their communities. Help sponsor a future leader today!

Education   |   Albania