The Nehemiah Gateway Team

The Nehemiah Gateway Team is a collaborative body of international aid organizations unified as Nehemiah Gateway.  We exist and cooperate in order to improve the lives and communities of people in need by empowering them at every level of society.  

By offering a hand-up rather than a hand-out, the Nehemiah Gateway Team works to strengthen people’s dignity and independence.  When we invest in educational training and local leadership, sustainable and self-reliant enterprises are created, producing long-term success stories for our international partners.

NG_USA.pngNehemiah Gateway USA, Inc. »

Nehemiah Gateway USA, Inc. is an
independent US-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that shares the values and
goals of the Nehemiah Gateway Team. N.G. USA serves as a contact point for donors and
project administration in the Americas.


logo_N.G._master.jpgNehemiah Gateway gGmbH »

Nehemiah Gateway (non-profit private limited company) in Nuremberg/Germany coordinates the efforts of the manifold projects of the N.G. Team members worldwide.


logo_albania_klein_05.jpgNehemiah Gateway Albania »

Nehemiah Gateway Albania is where the work of the Nehemiah Gateway Team originated. The strategy and mission of N.G. Albania is to focus on spiritual and practical empowerment efforts in this Balkan nation. To help achieve this goal, N.G. Albania coordinates efforts with numerous Christian
and secular organizations in Albania.


university_01.jpgNehemiah Gateway University »

N.G. University is a unique institution of higher education with state-of-the-art programs, dynamic teaching methods, and a student-oriented philosophy of education. Offering both an accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree, students from around the globe attend N.G. University.


ngs-logo_12.pngNehemiah Gateway Services »  

Nehemiah Gateway Services gGmbH is the asset manager for the Nehemiah Gateway Team. The profits earned from the return on the investments made by N.G. Services is used to cover 100% of all administrative expenses for the N.G. Team members, thus enabling the Nehemiah Gateway Team to allocate 100%
of all private donations directly to their
designated projects.

Nehemiah Gateway Services gGmbH is the sole
shareholder of Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH.