Project Engagement


Nehemiah Gateway is an international aid organization with a multinational staff. Our passion is to improve the lives and societies of people in need in a sustainable manner.

By offering a hand-up rather than a hand-out, Nehemiah Gateway works to strengthen people’s dignity and independence.  When we invest in educational training and local leadership, sustainable and self-reliant enterprises are created, producing long-term success stories for our international partners. 

Nehemiah Gateway seeks cooperation with other non-governmental organizations in order to increase opportunity and provide the best results for our international partners.  Through close collaboration, our competence and expertise improves, allowing us to better achieve defined goals and become more efficient for our partners and donors.

Nehemiah Gateway’s efforts center around four primary building blocks of engagement:

  • Social and medical improvement:  Physical and psychological aid, as well as social support are needed in order to enable people to take care of themselves.
  • Education: Is the source of a sustainable self-sufficiency, and therefore, also an important foundation for human dignity.
  • Project empowerment: Professional coaching and support enable initiatives to grow into successful enterprises and NGOs under the principle of help for self-help. 
  • Core value implementation: Sustainable help for self-help can be successful only when the communication, acceptance, and implementation of core values are ensured.

Additionally, every project Nehemiah Gateway undertakes is built upon a foundation of the core values of forgiveness, respect, integrity, honesty, compassion, and inspiration. These values reflect Nehemiah Gateway’s identity as an organization.

We Hold These as Core Values


It is not our task to judge people or even condemn them. Only when we are willing to both give and receive forgiveness do we have a chance for a peaceful world.


We respect everyone, unrestricted and without regard to origin, age, gender, status, religion or opinion. For us, respect goes far beyond just acceptance and tolerance.


In our lives and actions, we strive to be authentic, trustworthy and committed.


We believe that with our actions and words, we are committed to the truth without any restrictions, and we strive to live and act according to these principles at all times.


To be charitable and merciful with other people and ourselves, is clearly one of our key goals. Charity and sympathy can’t be earned, they can only be given, and therefore we give them whenever necessary and possible.


Through our words and actions, we hope to inspire people to look for a better world marked by hope, forgiveness and love, and in doing so encourage others to embody these values in their own lives.