Project Empowerment

Professional coaching and support enable initiatives to grow into successful enterprises and NGOs under the principle of help for self-help.

Doka’s Story

image.pngDoka Cosmas is one of the first group of international scholarship students to graduate from Nehemiah Gateway University. He participated in the University’s Bachelor of Arts in Economy and Business, a dual-study model program where classroom time is balanced with work time. He developed a business plan at the University for a small grocery shop in his village in South Sudan.

Doka returned home with his university degree, only to be forced to flee the civil war in South Sudan and resettle in the Ofua 3 refugee camp in neighboring Uganda. There, he has used his training at Nehemiah Gateway University, as well as access to NG mentors and startup funds, to launch a small shop in the camp that offers a variety of goods not available through humanitarian relief. He also has a small transportation business that employs two others.