Social and Medical Improvement

Physical and psychological aid, as well as social support is needed in order to enable people to take care of themselves.

Eglantina.pngEglantina’s Story

Twenty-eight year old Eglantina Likollari has been in the Nehemiah Gateway family for over twenty years now. She was born in Maline, a remote mountain village near Pogradec, Albania, in 1988, with a serious heart defect that could not be treated in Albania.

When she was just seven years old, Nehemiah Gateway coworkers met Egla in her village during an outreach mission. They worked quickly, partnering with the humanitarian organization Terre des Hommes to arrange for the little girl to travel to Switzerland for life-saving surgery. Egla chose to study nursing when she finished school. “I just wanted to help people who are in need, just as there were people helping me when I needed them,” she says.

Eglantina has been working as a nurse at Nehemiah Gateway’s medical services facility in Pogradec for five years now. Her own childhood experiences have given her a special empathy for the people she cares for now in her work for NG. “To be close to the patient in such situations is a wonderful feeling,” she says.