Back to School Albania-style

Back to School Albania-style

Sep 15, 2020

It is the first week of school at NG’s Nehemiah School in Buçimas. Following the Albanian tradition, students came with bouquets of flowers for their teachers, who are deeply respected in Albanian culture. Many students are back for the first time since March, when the COVID-19 lockdown started. Classrooms have been rearranged, class sizes have been reduced, and everyone is in face masks. Many grades have some form of hybrid learning in place, with at least some instruction taking place virtually. If there are cases of COVID-19 at the school, classes will immediately migrate online.

To teach effectively from home, teachers at Nehemia School urgently need laptop computers. Most of them do not own their own computers, and teaching and managing student assignments from personal cell phones with limited data posed many challenges during the lockdown last year.

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