Bringing Aid to Mokra

Bringing Aid to Mokra

Dec 13, 2019

The NG team provides aid to 190 households in need in the Pogradec area every year. The people we help are in need due to poverty, illness, disability, unemployment, crisis, and geographical isolation. With your help, we provide aid, social services, and medical support to people who would not get it otherwise.

Recently, the NG team visited the remote mountain villages in the Mokra area outside Pogradec. The roads to Mokra are terrible, and get worse every year. A professor at Nehemiah Gateway University who lives in Pogadec accompanied the team. He says he was surprised at the abject poverty he witnessed in some households. One old woman who lives alone has holes in her roof that she patches with plastic sheeting every time it rains, climbing up on to the loosely tiled roof herself to put up the plastic in the rain and then removing them when the sun comes out. Food aid helps, but "much more assistance is needed," he says.

This project will continue as long as there are people in the Pogradec area who go to bed cold, hungry and without a good roof over their heads every night. You can help make their new year brighter and warmer by continuing to support this project here.