A Greener Way in Pogradec

A Greener Way in Pogradec

Oct 14, 2020

Plastic waste is a big problem in Albania. Even in cities, adequate waste disposal facilities are limited and recycling is rare. This ultimately leads to landscapes and waterways clogged with debris. Nehemiah Gateway Albania is working to reduce its own plastic waste footprint. A donation from a US donor earlier this year has allowed NG Albania to begin transitioning away from single-use plastic bags for aid distribution to the mountain villages around Pogradec.

The NG Albania team came up with the design for the bags, which are very much a work in progress. The sewing shop at Amaro Tan is making the bags, and we are developing a colorful design or logo that will identify where the bags come from. The current version is made from a material that can even be used for removing liquids to make homemade cheese!

This first step toward a greater sustainability in the aid parcel program focuses on the mountain villages around Pogradec. The villagers are thrifty, and have very little; a cloth sack offers a multitude of uses beyond that first load of aid from NG.

We are excited to launch this new initiative, and excited to see it expand among the people we help.