Laptops for 47 Teachers in Albania

Laptops for 47 Teachers in Albania

Jul 21, 2020

Agim Gorica has been teaching science at Nehemia School for grades 1-5 since 2005. During the spring lockdown, Mr. Gorica continued teaching from home using his personal cellphone.
During the COVID-19 lockdown this spring, NG's teachers taught their classes from their homes. They worked heroically to keep students engaged and learning, using the tools they had at hand-- in many cases, just personal cell phones. Teaching, communicating with students, and managing homework on a tiny screen with limited data is almost impossible. Because each teacher used personal equipment, platforms and implementation varied between classes, and consistent technical support was impossible.

Providing teachers at Amaro Tan and Nehemia School with laptops to use at home as well as at school will help them teach remotely, allowing them to run virtual classrooms with enough space on the screen to see each student's face. It will enable them to review and grade homework that is submitted online, and create and distribute assignments virtually. Having all teachers on the same devices and platforms will be easier to support, and easier for students to interface with.

Teachers are carrying the future on their backs, now more than ever. They are keeping a whole generation of children learning in a time of profound disruption, providing stability, continuity, and support while reinventing their methods to accommodate physical distancing and quarantines. Providing them with the tools they need, now, will help them keep carrying the future-without breaking their backs from its weight.

We urgently ask for your help in purchasing 47 laptops for teachers at Nehemia School and Amaro Tan for the 2020-2021 school year. One laptop costs $700.