Nehemiah Gateway University Graduation Remarks, continued....

Nehemiah Gateway University Graduation Remarks, continued....

Oct 02, 2020

My name is Dotto Boniphace Kitundu, I am really thankful to God today I’m giving a speech as a graduate at Nehemiah Gateway University, Class of 2020.

I want to thank Nehemiah Gateway University, for always making sure I was getting the knowledge and skills that will help me face the next stages in education but also in real life. This bachelor’s degree has prepared me to face several challenges that entrepreneurs face and I am confident of my success due to the theoretical and practical trainings I have acquired.

Special thanks go to my Professors, who have taught me and encouraged me to keep learning more and more but also thanks to my classmates and every other university student for making my university experience a fun and rewarding experience of my life.

Every moment and encounter at NG University and Albania in these past three years have been a blessing and this will always remain in my memories

“One thing I would like to advise others is that, make sure you’re around when people need someone to lean on”

As you all know it’s a bit hard to say Goodbye, but it’s now time for me to recognize and appreciate the efforts that the university and the professors have done for me to reach this day, and I’m sure your effort, knowledge and skills will help me face the next stages easily.

Congrats C7…… we made it

Thank you very much and God bless you!!!!

Dotto Boniphace Kitundu