NEW! February Compact mini

NEW! February Compact mini

Feb 01, 2021

Dear Friends,

A new year, new opportunities and a new look!

We’re happy to debut our first Compact Mini letter. We hope you like it! Our goal is to provide you with a more concise view of NG’s work a few times a year. We’ll still send the large Compact, just not quite as often. Also, you can keep up with us through our eNewsletters, social media and via our website. We’re busy and we want you to know what we’re doing!

This winter we’re providing relief packages to Albanians in severe hardship situations. We’re also connecting with Nehemia School alumni now living in the U.S. Did you know about our work in places like Tanzania? You’ll have a chance to read a bit about that too.

Thank you for making what we do possible. In this new year perhaps consider a recurring, automated giving plan? Simply go to our website at and follow the steps under “Click here to Donate” for an easy way to donate in the new year.


Michelle Mann, Executive Director

Nehemiah Gateway USA