NEW! October Issue of Compact

NEW! October Issue of Compact

Oct 01, 2020

Dear friends,

In Albania, a new school year hasn’t always been without uncertainty or peril.Our family’s first schoolyear experience was in the capital, Tirana, in 1998.Our oldest child was excited to start kindergarten when the first day of school was delayed a week due to civil and governmental unrest accompanied by a period of lawlessness and sounds of gunfire in the streets.

This year’s uncertainty is due to a quieter, unseen, yet global disruptor – COVID19.We have all watched educators adapt in heroic ways to serve the youth.At Nehemia School and Amaro Tan School in Pogradec, Albania, the teachers have had exceptional challenges in reaching their students.You will get a taste of what they hope to be able to do in this new school year.

You can read the latest issue of Compact here.

Thank you for partnering with us and I wish you health, wellness and hope as we move into the autumn months.

In gratitude,

Michelle Mann

Executive Director, NG USA