A new playground for Amaro Tan

A new playground for Amaro Tan

Dec 06, 2021

"It was like a very happy explosion," remembers Kai Uellendahl, NG's Global Head of Finance. Uellendahl got to join Doug Mann of Estes Park Noon Rotary and Scott Cufr of the NG USA Board of Directors at the opening of a new playground at Amaro Tan this November. The children lined up for recess as they do every day, but the pure joy these at-risk kindergarteners experienced when they were released onto the new playground was new and wonderful. In fact, it brought tears to the eyes of many who saw it.

The old playground was simple and scrappy. Amaro Tan is funded entirely through donations, and every investment in infrastructure is weighed carefully against other needs.


A district grant from the Rotary Club of Estes Park, Colorado funded a new and better playground for the kindergarten this fall.


Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Estes Park for bringing this wonderful, modern playground to the children at Amaro Tan. They love it!