Presenting Pogradec! A Most Musical Town

Presenting Pogradec! A Most Musical Town

Oct 31, 2022

A performer at the November 2021 Wine and Chestnuts festival in Pogradec

Pogradec has had a live music scene for quite some time. Even under communism, both locals and visitors from out of town enjoyed the music at coffee bars such as the Turizmi i Ri (New Tourists Hotel), Turizmi i Vjetër (the Old Tourism) and the 1 Maji (1 st of May) Bar. Pogradec had its own Beatles—the Darova Brothers (see our separate article about them here!). These talented siblings were famous throughout Albania, and even poet Lasgush Poradeci was reportedly a fan! In the 1950s and 1960s, Pogradecars and visitors enjoyed many an evening dancing and listening to the Darova Brothers at Old Tourism (Turizmi i Vjeter).

The Darova Brothers

Today visitors to Pogradec have many choices of venue to enjoy live music—in the summer, and well into the fall.

The Odeon, on the shores of Lake Ohrid

The Odeon in the front of the Lake Ohrid shores is the main host of the artistic and cultural activities in the town.

Sherlock Pub in Pogradec hosts popular live music events in the summer

Wine and Chestnuts Festival, November 2021