School from home in Albania

School from home in Albania

May 06, 2020

In Albania, students all over the country have been home since March. This includes Nehemiah Gateway's schools and programs. The children have stayed in touch with their teachers via technology, as much as possible. For children from poor families, this has involved a lot of time with their teachers on the phone. Nehemia School and Nehemiah Gateway University are having classes on the Zoom and Teams platforms.

Students and Nehemia School and Amaro Tan send teachers pictures of their work:

Recently, the Nehemia School student council led a drive to make cloth masks for Pogradec hospitals. Students made and donated 100 masks, which were matched by the Pogradec Evangelical Church for a total of 200 masks.

This is a challenging time for kids everywhere. It's inspiring to see how creative they are managing to be in their varying circumstances. We can't wait to see them back at school!