Summer Camp for Children with Special Needs 2020, Buçimas

Summer Camp for Children with Special Needs 2020, Buçimas

Jun 29, 2020

Twenty-one children with special needs were able to enjoy summer day camp at the Nehemiah Gateway campus in Buçimas this June. NG holds this camp every year, and, even with COVID-19 restrictions in effect, the small group size meant they could also hold it this year. The emphasis, as always, was on developmentally appropriate fun, with art projects, games, and music. Distancing measures of the past few months have been hard on the children (as they have been for everybody!) and their joy in seeing their friends and teachers was palpable.

Angjelos, age 10, has been coming to the clinic for five years now to work with the speech therapist on his stutter and language disorder. With public transport shut down as a result of COVID-19, he walked to camp on the first day-- one hour each way! Needless to say, when the team at camp learned about this they arranged a ride for him for the duration of camp.

Everyone who works at the Buçimas campus loves seeing this special group of children, and it was great to see them again this year.