Trainings for teachers, courtesy of Rotary

Trainings for teachers, courtesy of Rotary

Apr 22, 2021

The Rotary Global Grant Children's Learning Center project is now officially underway! This major project will expand and improve services for children with special needs in the Pogradec area through direct service, capacity building, and the facilities expansion. Today, NG Albania hosted the first of two trainings for local schoolteachers on working with children with autism. Due to COVID, the trainings are being held in small groups. On Saturday there will be a session for NG clinic staff.

Herolinda Shkullaku, Executive Director of NG Albania, welcomes the participants.

Ylli Seitllari, president of the Pogradec Rotary Club, introduces Rotary's participation.

Dr. Migen Sulaj is one of Albania’s leading experts in childhood autism, and NG is very excited to have her working with our staff in Pogradec. Special education is a new area for Albanian schools and

these classroom teachers have autistic children in their classes. Due to COVID, this is the first event NG has hosted on our

campus in a very long time.