An update from Uganda

An update from Uganda

Oct 01, 2021

Christina (left) with her daughters. Her sister will help manage the little girls while Christina works at her new business.

Back in July, NG USA held a micro-fundraiser for Nehemiah Gateway University graduate Sandra Akoli of Uganda, so she could help people in her community during the COVID crisis. In Uganda, as of September 2021, only about 2% of the population has received a dose of vaccine, and both the disease and the economic consequences of lockdowns create new hardships every day.

Sandra Akoli is an entrepreneur, and a woman with a strong orientation toward helping others. During the July lockdown, we decided to raise money for Sandra so she could help people in her community with nowhere else to turn. She was able to turn our $300 donation, plus a local match of $200, into donations of food for a dozen families with no other source of income. Additionally, she bought medicines and medical supplies for several people with chronic medical conditions and no other means of support. She also set up two single mothers with the basic supplies they needed to start small roadside businesses. Pictured above is Christiana with her daughters Marjorie and Marion. Christiana worked in Saudi Arabia in the service sector for two years, and came home and find that her husband had taken her earnings and abandoned her. Christiana knows how to work, and all she needed was a little help to build a fresh enterprise to support her beautiful family.

Desire with her daughter, Britney

Sandra also set up Desire (pictured above), with the equipment and supplies needed to start a small business of her own. The income from her work is enough for Desire to be able to afford housing for herself and her little girl, Britney.

We are grateful to be able to help people like Christina and Desire by providing the assistance they need to get back on their feet—even during a pandemic. Sandra is a young leader in her community, and if you wish to work with her in helping others, you can still do so here.