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Contribute monthly

N.G. USA partners are the sustaining force behind our efforts.  Without concerned, regular monthly donors, the mission and mandate of N.G. USA would go unfulfilled.  If you’ve donated to N.G. USA in the past, please consider becoming a monthly contributor to the organization.  Many of our regular donors set up monthly bill payments to N.G. USA through their local bank.  Or, from our secure donation link, you can also set up a monthly credit card payment.  Thank you for your faithful monthly giving to our work - we value your partnership.  If we can assist you in any way in helping to establish your form of monthly contribution, please contact us at 855.683.6769 or email us at:

Like us on Facebook

Stay involved and informed by liking Nehemiah Gateway on Facebook. Facebook is an easy way to tell your friends and family about our capacity-building work to empower those in need.  By becoming a Nehemiah Gateway Facebook friend, you receive regular updates of our activities and see new opportunities for involvement.  Like us by visiting our Facebook page.

Make a Memorial or Honor Gift to N.G. USA

N.G. USA will gladly facilitate honor donations or gifts in memory of loved ones or someone special in your life.  You can also commemorate holidays, birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions through dedicated donations.  To find out more about how you can dedicate a gift to N.G. USA, please contact our office at 855.683.6769 where we will gladly assist you in customizing your special donation. 

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Partnering with N.G. USA allows you to become personally involved in giving “hand-up,” capacity-building assistance.  Sign up to receive our newsletters to keep updated as to how you can stay engaged!