Scholarships for A New Generation



Nehemiah Gateway University, in Pogradec, Albania, recruits exceptional students from developing countries and marginalized groups worldwide to participate in a three-year Bachelor of Economy and Business degree program. After three years on full scholarship, students receive support to return home and begin developing solutions to the challenges facing their communities. Help sponsor a future leader today!


Nehemiah Gateway's approach to humanitarian assistance empowers people in damaged and impoverished societies worldwide to create solutions, building peace, prosperity, and self-determination. Scholarship students at Nehemiah Gateway University come from situations where access to higher education is unlikely. They show academic promise, leadership skills, and a desire to help others. They have great ideas for solving the problems around them, but lack the skills and tools to make them a reality.


Students at Nehemiah Gateway University, accredited in the US, Germany, and Albania, take part in a three year bachelor's program based on the German dual study model -- 50% classroom time and 50% practical work. Coursework is in English, with instruction provided by faculty and visiting professors. Students do the bulk of the practical work in their home countries. Upon graduation, they spend a minimum of two years as paid staff of local NGOs or businesses building capacity in their home communities.

Long-Term Impact

Graduates of Nehemiah Gateway University are multipliers. Their education is an investment in their entire community. The improved tools and skills they gain allow them not only to help themselves, but to create innovative solutions to the problems facing the world's poor and disadvantaged. Our first cohort of international students graduated in 2016, and are halfway through the required two years of capacity building work, supporting humanitarian NGOs, running businesses, and helping others.