In Albania, Changing Lives Through Education


For over 650 young people in southern Albania every year, Nehemiah Gateway's schools and programs expand opportunities, open doors, and provide a strong and stable foundation to a dignified and self-sufficient existence. Donations to this project will provide scholarship support for Albanian and Albanian Roma students in need, pre-kindergarten through university, at Amaro Tan, Nehemia School, and Nehemiah Gateway University.


In Albania, 34% of the population live in poverty (living on less than $5.50/day) and 5.8% live in absolute poverty (living on less than $1.90/day.) The rate is far higher for minorities such as the Roma. Children growing up in these circumstances struggle to access opportunities to determine their own future--or even to stay in school. Without education, many are at higher risk of being trafficked as children, and continue to struggle to find stable and dignified self-determination as adults.


NG's scholarship program supports at-risk young people at 3 schools. Amaro Tan offers K-9th grade curriculum, hot meals, social and medical services, and extra tutoring in a nurturing environment. Nehemia School is a pre-K-12th grade private school with excellent, caring staff. Nehemiah Gateway University offers accredited 3-year work/study business degrees in a small-group setting. The teams at all 3 schools work together to support students so that they stay in school, and thrive.

Long-Term Impact

Education changes lives, and that is the goal of this project. Investing in the education of poor children gives them a better shot at a brighter future. What that means will be different for each child. For some, access to adequate food and a safe and caring elementary school experience is a huge improvement. For others, a high school diploma will open doors nobody else in their family had access to. For a few, that will be a college education and successful career. They are all successes.