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Nehemiah Gateway University:

uni_siegel_03.jpgNehemiah Gateway University (NG University) was founded in 2008 in Pogradec, Albania. It currently offers a three-year bachelor’s degree program in economy and business, and a master’s degree in leadership and assessment in education. The university holds institutional and/or program accreditation in the US by TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools), in Albania by APAAL (Public Agency for the Accreditation of Higher Education, Albania), and in Germany and the EU by FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). Students at NG University come from countries such as Albania, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Cuba, Mexico, and Germany. Most international students receive full scholarships, inclusive of room, board, and travel expenses for the three-year duration of their studies. 


Instruction at NG University is provided in a seminar format, in English, with both in-house professors and guest lecturers from universities and industry in North America and Europe. The university program follows a slightly modified German “dual study” model, which consists of fifty percent academic study and fifty percent professional experience. Scholarship students are nominated by partner organizations or businesses in their home countries. They typically work for, or are connected to, those organizations. While enrolled at the university, three months per year are spent in their home countries, interning with the partner organization that nominated them and maintaining their community connections. Additional professional study takes place in Germany, Albania, and other Western European nations. As a condition of their scholarship, international students are required to work in their local community for a minimum of two years after graduation. Nehemiah Gateway provides access to startup capital and a robust mentorship program to help them maintain their momentum. 

Once graduates return home, they are empowered to help others learn to survive, thrive, and prosper. Nehemiah Gateway’s practical investment in these young leaders ultimately brings benefit to entire communities, in a manner that is led and determined by those communities themselves.

Why Albania?

NU_student_services_students_2.jpgAlbania is a Southeastern European country of approximately three million people, located on the Balkan Peninsula. Until 1991, Albania was one of the most difficult nations in the world to visit. For almost fifty years, Albania was governed by a xenophobic dictator, Enver Hoxha. When the nation’s communist dictatorship fell and Albania’s borders opened in 1991, the small Balkan country was left with an economy in shambles, a crumbling infrastructure, and a population completely disconnected from the modern world. Now, a quarter century later, Albania has markedly progressed, and is an official candidate for membership in the European Union. 

NG University’s location in Pogradec, a city in southeastern Albania, combines ease of access to Western Europe, where students have internships during their studies, with low operating costs for the university. Keeping university operating expenses low allows Nehemiah Gateway to offer full scholarships to our international students.  This makes higher education accessible and ensures students have no school debt to manage upon graduation.

In today’s world, where many international conflicts have religious roots, Albania offers a unique model of religious tolerance. As one of Europe’s few Muslim-majority countries, Albania has a substantial Christian minority and a longstanding Jewish community. During a 2014 visit to Albania’s capital, Tirana, Pope Francis identified the “peaceful coexistence and collaboration that exists among followers of different religions” in Albania as an example to the world. This uniquely tolerant atmosphere provides a model for students who come to NG University from a variety of traditions.

Nehemiah Gateway Scholars:

NU_student_services_students_1.jpgScholarship students at NG University are academically promising, have strong leadership skills, and possess a keen desire to help others. NG University students come from all over the world with great ideas, and the drive and passion to bring these ideas to life. 

Potential scholarship students are identified by Nehemiah Gateway staff and trusted partner organizations in countries where Nehemiah Gateway is engaged. All applicants are screened to ensure that they meet university entrance requirements, including English proficiency.  After candidates have met NG University’s admission requirements, a formal interview is conducted by university staff. Interviewers are particularly interested in students who are inspired to help their communities, and who have a sense of how they will use their education to accomplish this goal. Access to three years of theoretical education and practical skills development at NG University makes it possible to turn inspiration into functioning, transformative reality.

Nehemiah Gateway invites you to join us in helping exceptional young women and men change the world, one community at a time.  To learn more about Nehemiah Gateway University, you have several options.

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