Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

Apr 25, 2024

Amaro Tan is not just about children. In the soup kitchen, 25 mostly elderly, lonely people receive a daily meal. Franko Ali, social worker at Amaro Tan, takes intensive care of them.

Time and again, he also takes schoolchildren “on excursions” to the homes of the elderly, where they lend a hand with great enthusiasm: Delivering firewood, cleaning, washing, painting walls and much more. He says: “It is important that the children do not resign themselves to their fate as recipients of aid, but realize early on that many are even worse off than they are, and what joy and fulfillment it brings to help others.”

In the school building, the guests of the soup kitchen not only find a set table, but they can also use the showers and do their laundry. This service is also available to the families of pupils who do not have running water in their homes.

Everyone who applies to Amaro Tan for help is carefully assessed. An assistance plan is then developed together. Franko explains: “We settle disputes, provide help and advice in emergencies, take care of medication, accompany people to the authorities, renovate apartments, help them find a job and much more.”

“In this way, we can help people and at the same time ensure that donations are put to the best possible use.”