NEW! March Issue of Compact

NEW! March Issue of Compact

Mar 15, 2021

Dear friends,

Here we are, one year later. A year that has allowed us to contemplate the value of things we had previously taken for granted. A handshake. A hug. A visible smile. Classrooms. The hustle and bustle of what used to be an ordinary day.

COVID-19 together with its precautionary measures is a chapter we’re all ready to close. At Nehemiah Gateway we have experienced a year of flexibility, uncertainty joined with innovation.

We also have plenty of normalcy. Retirements, board member transitions, project expansion and development. And gratitude. For our friends, our coworkers and our clients. For the ability to come alongside and bring positive change. For a bright future.

Read about all this and more in the latest issue of our newsletter, Compact.

Gratefully yours,

Michelle Mann

Executive Director, NG USA